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Toronto Bagels Wide-Necked Sweatshirt

Toronto Bagels Wide-Necked Sweatshirt

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"A bagel is a doughnut dipped in holy water." — Lorne Michaels

We have neither the desire nor the intention of settling the most hotly-contested debate of the last century: namely, whose bagel is best. Some will tell you that New York’s bagels are superior because they are made with the same rainwater that fell on Johnny Castle and Baby at Kellerman’s. Others may hew to Montreal’s honey-water poached and wood-fired treats. And finally, there’s Toronto. Typically fluffier and sweeter than a New York bagel, it’s greatest innovation is perhaps the introduction of the twister, literally a twisted dough that allows the bagel to be torn apart.

And let’s just throw in a plug for the lesser-known local heroes, Winnipeg bagels (made, exclusively, by Gunn’s Bakery).

Our position is clear: the humble hero we know as the bagel is a hole lot of happiness with a healthy shmear of tradition.

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