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In a landmark 2024 study, researchers concluded that women are - in fact - people. And while many of your dumbest politicians have sought to limit access to healthcare for all people, there's no room to doubt that women have received a disproportionate share of attention on this front. So I guess we'll reduce the issue to this simple question: do you think that critical issues about a woman's access to healthcare should be made by her and her doctor; or by Ted Cruz?

And now, some of our favorite quotes from politicians about women's health:

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson (a former neurosurgeon, no less), called for women to be "reeducated" to "understand that they are the defenders of the babies inside of them."

Former Missouri representative Todd Akin once said in 2012, “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Former Florida Governor Jeb! Bush once said “I’m not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.”

"[Singer] Ethel Waters, for example, was the result of forcible rape." — Former Republican Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, on the upside of pregnancy after rape.

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