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Mandel's Milk Store Crewneck Tee

Mandel's Milk Store Crewneck Tee

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If you’ve had the chance to walk through Baldwin Village in Toronto, you might have noticed the strange markings on the window of what was for years John’s Italian Caffe and is today a bubble tea and Asian fusion restaurant. The strange markings are a vestige of another time.

One hundred years ago, the Jewish Market (as it was known) was home to approximately 60,000 Jews and 29 Baldwin Street was once the site of Mandel’s. The last sign of its past are these Yiddish words etched in glass, proudly touting their “Butter, Cheese, Cream, Eggs — Fresh Every Day.”

Our design for Mandel’s incorporates elements of both their historic signage and the breadcrumbs that remain today. The shirt incorporates the slogan that still remains on their window today: "Fresh Every Day."

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