Don't Forget About Dad

Sure, we're a bit biased around here, but we happen to be fans of dads. We've been rocking dad hats, dad bods and dad jokes since before they were cool - and we're going to be doing it for a long time after it isn't. Because that's what dads do. As Jerry Seinfeld so accurately noted, “you can tell what was the best year of your father's life, because they seem to freeze that clothing style and ride it out.”

So we thought we'd help out a bit - because that's what dads do. So we're sharing some options that Dad might like - including some free, downloadable cards that you can print. We promise, there's no catch. Just add the card to your cart and checkout and you'll receive a link to download a high-res version.

From Us to... Your Dad

What do you get for Dad? With only days until Father’s Day, we’re here to offer some last-minute gift ideas for Dad (obviously, our Big Dad Energy and Everything Hurts collections would make great gifts, as well).

Other Gift Ideas

BBQ Grill Toy

BBQ Grill Toy

For my first Father’s Day, I wanted my kids to have a toy BBQ to use with me when I got grilling. Nothing is better than flipping burgers with my son or daughter, proudly flipping their own burgers by my side.

Miss Kitty’s Hot Sauce

Miss Kitty’s Hot Sauce is just the best - and there’s a good chance that Dad's never tasted it. The soul and spice that was the essence of a beloved Vancouver and Victoria-based Caribbean restaurant, this hot sauce gives you ample heat without stinging on the flavour. This stuff is just great.

A Modern Classic From Ekster

Is Dad’s wallet starting to resemble George Costanza’s? Give him the Ekster Parliament wallet, which marries RFID protection with classic leather details, so Dad can get modern, while maintaining some tradition to his aesthetic.

Klein Tools Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver

Sure, I’ve got a thousand screwdrivers and I’m sure your father does, too. What’s the benefit of the Klein Tools Stubby Ratcheting Bit Screwdriver? Well, I’ve got them everywhere - in the utility drawer in the kitchen, in the glove compartment and in the utility closet. They’re perfect for the odd job where you just need a screwdriver to replace a battery in a toy, to tighten a door handle… Whatever. They’re small, so they fit everywhere and the ratcheting action comes in handy all the time.

Bottle Opener & Re-Sealer

Let Dad open his beer and then help him close it right back up to put it away so he can help you do that thing you need before he gets to relax with this handy-dandy Bottle Opener & Resealer. Because you’re really helping him not waste his beer.

Battery Tester

Like Dad, himself, this little Battery Tester might seem ridiculous but comes in handy surprisingly often. Perfect for testing your batteries so that Dad can figure out why that remote’s not working before he turns the house upside down looking for new batteries.