• Schlep Local is the product of years of tinkering and decades of training in principled smart-assery and frustration. It began largely as a coping mechanism - a hobby to occupy the energy and frustrations of our bald, bespectacled founder during the pandemic (remember that thing that we're supposed to pretend never happened?).

    In 2023, it evolved from private hobby to public pursuit as we went live across the globe like Prestige Worldwide after the Catalina Wine Mixer.

    So What Are We Doing Here?

    We don't have any grand visions of global domination like Pinky and the Brain. No, we're just hoping that others appreciate our unique voice. The bald guy we mentioned before... He's different and he doesn't try to pretend otherwise. So we hope that the unique and irreverent sense of humor comes through and is appreciated.


    1. to haul or carry (something heavy or awkward)."she schlepped her groceries home"

    noun: schlep; plural noun: schleps

    1. a tedious or difficult journey. "a rush hour schlep to the airport and back"
    2. another term for schlepper. "all the schleps who said that Americans weren't crazy enough to elect Trump were wrong"

  • Our team of agents is ready to assist you with any concerns you may have. Okay, no. We don't have a team of agents. But we want to be helpful and we promise we'll get back to you really soon. For reals. We want to be as supportive as a manzier/bro.

    So if you've got questions or concerns; if you want to tell us stories about your childhood or complain about your boss; if you want to discuss a custom design or potential partnership, we want to hear from you.

    Just Shut Up Already And Tell Us How

    The best way to get in touch with us is always email. Because 2023. Who uses the phone other than fraudsters pretending to send you to jail for tax evasion and people trying to sell you duct cleaning? You can reach us at info@schleplocal.ca.